Meet the Team!

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Josh Bethka

Co-owner and tier 5 stylist.

Josh is our lead in haircutting, specializing in type A haircutting! Top of Class at Graham Webb Academy in Roslyn, Virginia. He was a Department Lead in Haircutting and an Educator with Elizabeth Arden in Pentagon City. He was a Top Tier Stylist at Aveda. He is also a master of cool shades.

Haircuts only

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Lawrence Henderson

Co-owner and Tier 5 Stylist.

Lawrences is our color specialist. He has a sassy demeanor and is probably (definitely) too cool for us all.

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Alia Sirch

Tier 5 Stylist.

Alia is a stylist that specializes in literally anything probably ever. She has been in the industry for 13 years and previously was a Master Stylist and salon educator for Aveda. She is also a yoga instructor and she was probably a bumble bee in her past life.

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Edgar Happel

Tier 4 Stylist.

Edgar specializes in mens cuts and creative colors. He has been a stylist for 10 years and previously worked as an instructor at Paul Mitchell the School. Our front desk staff Taylor would describe him as “tolerable at best”.

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Bree Adams

Tier 4 Stylist

Bree loves loves LOVES colors, from differing shades of blonde and brunette to fashion colors like pink and purple. A cool fun fact is that she is preggers right now.

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Teesha Jones

Tier 3 Stylist.

Teesha loves to work with all types of hair, from fun colors to textured hair. She is devacurl certified. Literally, what CANT this girl do??


Johnny Rogers

Tier 3 Stylist

Started in DC, now he’s here. Johnny began his hair journey when he was a young lad and has worked hard from that point on, studying at The L’Oréal Soho Academy and bring his amazing haircutting and coloring talents to Fredericksburg! He has been in the industry for 8 years. Oh, and did we mention he is also a talented makeup artist? *swoons*

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Taylor Springer

Lead Guest Coordinator, Window Display Maker, Chalkboard Sign Designer.

The lord and savior of this salon, tbh.

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Thomas Keoprasert

Front desk staff and assistant to the stylist.

He is probably better at makeup than anyone else here, but he doesn’t know how to use a conventional oven. Pretty weird, tbh.

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Mia Bach

Front desk staff.

Mia just graduated high school (where she was a tennis star!) and is soon to be going to college in Georgia to study physical therapy. Go Mia!!!